Transferring a domain right after registration / transfer

The quick and simple answer is: you cannot. Not on the first 60 days immediately after registration or a transfer

ICANN suggests locking a domain for 60 days after registration or transfer to protect the registrant.

Our registry system has implemented this by setting the serverTransferProhibited flag on domains that have either:

  • a registration date < 60 days from the current time
  • a successful transfer < 60 days from the current time

Even if you remove serverTransferProhibited from the domain, the system will set that flag again on the fly.

We have had some questions to opt out of this, but since many registrars are relying on this being present at the registry level, we have decided to stick with the current behaviour to avoid incurring development contests on our registrar channel.


You can read more about it on ICANN's web page below:

Read Frequently Asked Question #8 on this page.

If you have any questions regarding this subject, feel free to contact us.

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