How is price of a domain determined?

The price of a domain can be configured in many different ways and may return a different price depending on who is asking. 

This article aims to clarify on what price-point will be used in which case. 

The variables

Pricing can be configured in the following ways:

  1. GA price
  2. Premium price
  3. Pattern (regex) Based pricing
  4. Object Pricing (aka Grandfathering) 
    • Specific to a registrar
    • Independent of a registrar


In the end, there can be only one final price for a domain, so how does the system get to that price?

Below is the order in which these prices take priority over each other. Highest priority on top:

  1. Object pricing specific to a registrar (grandfathering that will expire on transfer)
  2. Object pricing without specific registrar (grandfathering that will expire on delete)
  3. Premium Price
  4. Pattern (regex) based pricing
  5. GA price

Promotions and Launch phases

After the system determines the applicable price for a domain two more things need to be checked:

  • Is there a promotion active that matches this operation for this specific registrar? If so then the promotion is applied.
  • Is there an active launch phase? If so then the applicable fee is added to that price.


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