Registry Lock Service Information

CentralNic’s registry lock is a registry-side, brand protection product, which adds an additional layer
of security to a domain name, protecting it from unauthorised modifications and malicious activity.
A domain name with a registry lock enabled prevents:

  • Unauthorised access to domain name at the registry
  • Accidental or malicious domain name update requests
  • Unscheduled DNS changes

Only an authorised user at the registrar, who has been verified by the registry operator, can make changes to a domain name that has a registry lock applied to it.




Registry lock is charged on a monthly basis and is independent of the registration length or expiry of
a domain name – a lock can be applied for as short as a day or for the duration of the domain name
registration. The price the registrar pays is set by each Registry and just like with domain names the
registrar is free to set its own retail price. Contact CentralNic for a full pricing schedule.


How to enable

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