.Zuerich launch FAQs

Are concurrent applications possible in the CNIC system for .ZUERICH domains?

Yes. The system will queue concurrent applications in all phases.

During phases that are considered to be first-come first-serve (EAP and GA) the system will accept concurrent applications for a single domain until one of those applications is complete with the UID is finalised by the Registry. 

The fees for unsuccessful/incomplete applications during EAP and GA are refundable.

During phases that are considered to be end-date allocation the following resolution policy will apply:

3.5 Allocation - Sunrise

At the close of the Sunrise application period, applicants who comply with all application requirements will be allocated the requested <.zuerich> domain name, provided that no other qualified applicant has applied for the same <.zuerich> domain name. Sunrise applicants take priority over Limited Registration Period applicants. In the event that a <.zuerich> domain name is the subject of multiple compliant Sunrise Applications, the competing applicants will be informed and the dispute will be resolved through a first-price sealed-bid auction. In a first-price sealed-bid auction, each bidder submits a sealed bid to the Registry Operator. The higher bidder wins and pays its bid for the domain name. Applicants are not required to participate in any auction and may withdraw their application. 

4.5 Allocation - LRP

In the event that a <.zuerich> domain name is not otherwise allocated and is the subject of multiple compliant Limited Registration Period applications, the competing applicants will be informed. In the event that the competing applicants cannot resolve the dispute between them within four weeks, the <.zuerich> domain name in question shall be reserved for future registration at the discretion of the Canton of Zurich.


How long is the timeframe to enter the UID after a registration request per EPP?

Both phases will allocate domains at the end (end-date) and registrars have until the phase itself closes to submit UID / documentation.

The resolution policy above also applies here - if the information isn't complete at the end of the phase the application will be dismissed by the registry.

In regards to GA and real-time domain allocations, the deadline is 5 days corresponding to the add grace period.

It is of course preferred that UID numbers (or “public”) are provided as soon as possible following the registration (as registrations can only be verified once full information is provided).


What is the initial status of a domain application after an application is sent by EPP and before UID is entered in UI?

The application is created when you enter a UID, until then the application is in pending creation (not to be confused with pendingCreate domains). There is no domain object existing at this point.


What happens if a UID is not entered in time?

It will be at the discretion of the registry operator to reject incomplete applications or follow up with registrars to remind them to submit documentation.


Please reach out to the registry operator if you require more specific information on this.


Does the system provide an EPP poll msg when switching from not validated to validated (active) after entering the UID in the UI?

Entering the UID will not alter the status, it will merely document your application which will be reviewed by the registry at the end of each phase.


During sunrise and LRP, the domain remains in 'pending creation' prior to UID information being added. The object is created with the completion of the UID process and subsequently set live. It is effectively a 3 step process and it is on the registry to check the UID information and to finalise the application at the end of the . 


From GA (including EAP), the domain object is created via EPP command and it is subsequently set live by the registry operator when the UID information is added/validated (it is now a 2 step process).


Does the system require a new UID to be verified in order to perform a trade/change of owner?

No. Whilst, the registry policy states that  "Registrants may not license, transfer or make available <.zuerich> domain names to third parties who would otherwise fail to comply with this Registration and Use Policy" this will not be enforced operationally during the trade procedure and a new UID will not be requested. The registry operator will ensure compliance with the eligibility requirements via auditing registered domains and will flag any UID validity concerns via the terms of clause IV in the Eligibility/Use policy. 


Is there an automated way to provide the UID?

No. You will need to provide the UID by creating an application from the registrar console and entering the UID that matches the contact details on the domain.


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