The complete Zuerich launch information


Onboarding Details:

  • RRA - the agreement is to be signed, scanned and sent as PDF to with cc to
  • Billing - requires an account that supports CHF payments (implementation details to come)
  • Premium list - There is no premium list
  • OTE - Available from July 30th 14:00 UTC
  • Marketing registrar document - TLD positioning available from the registry (in DE/EN)

TLD configuration:

  • Sponsoring Organisation: Kanton Zürich (Canton of Zurich)
  • Registry website:
  • Registrar contact:
  • Eligibility requirements: Yes (see policy here)
    • Privacy/proxy services are not permitted
    • Submitting local presence requirements (registrar console -> manage domains -> view single domain -> domain verification)
  • Wholesale price: 60 CHF (in detail in RRA and available from registry)
  • Restore fee: 200 CHF
  • Domain length: 1 - 63 characters
  • Minimum/maximum term: 1 - 10 
  • Domain lifecycle: standard nTLD
  • IDN supported: German (de)

Launch Details:

Eligibility requirements for .ZUERICH:

The <.zuerich> space will follow a restricted registration model with certain registrant and local presence requirements. The only entities eligible to register domain names within the <.zuerich> TLD are those that comply with the following requirements, in addition to the other requirements of this policy.

− Registrants must be either (i) a Zurich Public Authority (including the Canton and City of Zurich and related entities) («Category 1 applicant») or (ii) a legal entity (Rechtseinheit) in possession of a commercial registration number (Unternehmens-Identifikationsnummer UID) with a registration in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich («Category 2 applicant»).


Local Presence (UID) Documentation Deadline 

Both phases will allocate domains at the end (end-date) and registrars have until the phase itself closes to submit UID / documentation.

The resolution policy also applies here - if the information isn't complete at the end of the phase the application will be dismissed by the registry.

In regards to GA and real-time domain allocations, the deadline is 5 days corresponding to the add grace period.

It is of course preferred that UID numbers (or “public”) are provided as soon as possible following the registration (as registrations can only be verified once full information is provided).


Launch Schedule: 

Sunrise: End date allocation

  • Eligibility: must meet nexus requirements as well as standard sunrise requirements
  • Start date: August 30th 2021 14:00 UTC
  • End date: October 29th 2021 13:59 UTC
  • Fees: 60.01 CHF (60.00 CHF launch phase fee + 0.01 registration fee). Upon allocation 0.01 will be refunded to the registrar.

LRP: End date allocation

  • Eligibility: available to must meet nexus requirements pursuant to category 1
  • Start date: September 30th 2021 14:00 UTC
  • End date: October 29th 2021 13:59 UTC
  • Fees: 60.01 CHF (60.00 CHF launch phase fee + 0.01 registration fee). Upon allocation 0.01 will be refunded to the registrar.

EAP: Real time registration at daily descending price points

  • Eligibility: must meet nexus requirement
  • Start date: EAP day 1 November 22nd 2021 14:00 UTC
  • End date: EAP day 10 December 2nd 2021 13:59 UTC
  • Fees: see detailed phase times and prices here. Please note that the EAP fee includes the 60 CHF registration fee.

GA: Real time registration

  • Eligibility: must meet nexus requirements
  • Start date: December 2nd 2021 14:00 UTC
  • Fees: 60 CHF (registration)
  • Trademark claims notification period:
    • Start: November 22nd 2021
    • End: February 20th 2022

Please note: 

  • All phases start at 14:00 UTC and end at 13:59 UTC
  • There will be a closed system phase between:
    • October 29th 2021 14:00 UTC
    • November 22nd 2021 13:59 UTC
  • See allocation process details for each phase here
  • Sunrise and LRP fees are non-refundable


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