How do I login to the CentralNic Portal

What is the portal?

The portal is the new version of our console application and over time will replace it. Rest assured, the two will continue to co-exist for a while while we port functionality over from the console to the portal.

How to login

Logging in is achieved in 3 simple steps: 

  • Step 2: Enter your Registrar ID, i.e., your handle, your username and password 


  • Step 3: Click the Login button 

We also have two-factor authentication for added security which you will be required to set up on your first login. We use Google Authenticator or Authy (which can be downloaded from both Apple & Android App stores) to generate the time-based tokens. Should you lose the ability to complete the login, don’t worry – drop us a mail at and we’ll walk you through the reset. If the password has been forgotten, you can go through to the password recovery page which can be accessed by clicking on the forgot your password link underneath the login button.

Once on this page, you will be required to input your Registrar ID and the option of a username or email below that you would also have to either input the captcha code which will be shown or click the audio icon and input the information that is shared.  This will send a mail with a deep link which can be used to set your password again.

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