Premium Names Version 2


We are excited to announce the release of Premium Name Version 2, an enhanced experience that incorporates valuable insights from both internal and external stakeholders. This version features a revamped look and feel, particularly in the Premium Pricing Lists section. This article provides a detailed guide on managing premium lists, including uploading price lists, scheduling activations, and utilising sales and pricing reports.



PLEASE BE CAREFUL! Excel removes the decimal point. We need it, or else the validation will fail.

Premium Pricing Lists

Upload Price List:

  • Users can now manage their premium lists by uploading a CSV file containing the required data.

  • The system initiates an automatic validation process upon file upload.

  • Monitor the validation progress on the bulk uploads page.

  • The premium list becomes visible after a successful validation on the bulk uploads page.


Notify Registrars:

  • It is mandatory to notify registrars in advance of any changes, as stipulated in the RRA (Registration Rights Agreement).

  • Compliance with the RRA requires notifying registrars in advance of implementing a price change and specifying a notification date whilst scheduling an activation.


Schedule/Reschedule/Cancel Activation:

  • Users have the option to schedule the activation date for a premium list.

  • The activation can be rescheduled or canceled until the specified go-live date.

  • Activating a list on a schedule will automatically retire the currently active list at the same time.



  • Premium lists will be deleted 90 days after they been retired.


View Premium Names:

  • Use the view button to browse through all premium names for a particular list.

  • The interface provides a user-friendly experience for exploring premium names.


Business Intelligence (BI) Reports:

A. Sales Report:

  • Navigate to the Sales Report tab to access detailed insights into premium sales.

  • This tab redirects users to our BI system, offering comprehensive analytics on premium sales data.

B. Pricing Report:

  • The Pricing Report tab leads users to our BI system, providing in-depth insights into premium pricing.

  • Access detailed information on pricing trends, ensuring a data-driven approach to premium management.

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