The premium price update process

Optimising your premium assets are probably one of the most rewarding tasks a registry has.

For most of our registry clients, revenue from premium domains represents a significant part of their total revenue. 


This article is a high-level overview of the process. It will allow you to understand the whole process and direct you towards the specific information you might be searching.


A word on communication with the registrars

Your registrar network is your sales channel so keeping them aligned with concise information is key to making this relationship a productive one.

Besides the business sense of doing so, your RRA will also have very specific notification periods governing this change. This is usually 90-180 days but will vary across TLDs. 

For gTLDs ICANN limits the price changes to 4 times a year.

Please make sure that you give appropriate notice to your registrars when planning for these changes.


We recommend always seeking legal and policy advise before making a list active or sending communications out.


The process

In it's simplest form the process consists of 4 steps:

  1. Create and curate a new price list that will replace the old list.
  2. Upload and validate your new list.
  3. Notify your registrars and send out timely notifications.
  4. Make the change on the time and date set forth.


Creating your new list

Your premium domains' price is defined by the premium price list. Once a list is active it cannot be changed. To make changes to the price of your premium domains, you'll need to create a new list (You can download the old one as a starting point).

Should you rather start from scratch, you can download a template file here.

Because we want to keep a clear history of the changes for ICANN compliance you can't just go in and edit the list. Rather the new list will be uploaded alongside the old one and become active at the time you decided.

Once you have your final list our system allows you to upload and validate that list so it's then ready for activation and can also be published to your registrars.

How to obtain your currently active premium price list

How to upload and validate your new premium price list?

Best practices on curating a new price list

Optimising you premium inventory

Communicating the list

While it's not technically necessary to communicate the final list when you make your first announcement, it's highly recommended!

By providing your registrar community with a final list alongside the announcement of the date and time of the change, you will:

  1. Create clarity on what is happening and when it's happening
  2. Give them ample time to implement any changes they need to make on their systems
  3. Avoid follow-up questions regarding the scope of the change

You also have the option to have it published on the documentation page of our system which is available to your registrars.

How do I publish my new premium price list?


Making the list active

This is the last and final step that will conclude the premium price change process.

On the date and time of the change, you can change your price list with a click of a button.


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