.HELP Migration

Onboarding Details:

  • Migration Date:
    • Tucows will suspend access to the domains – 11 Apr 2023 at 23:59 (UTC)
    • CentralNic will resume operations  - 12 Apr 2023 at 19:00 (UTC)
  • RRA: The agreement for NEW registrars is scheduled to be opened for e-sign in the registrar console shortly after the migration takes place. Existing registrars do not need to explicitly sign the new RRA 
  • Premium List – Available in registrar account/portal
    • Domains renew at premium fee (High/High model)


TLD Configuration:

  • Sponsoring Organization: Innovation Service Ltd.
  • Registrar Contact: Shayan Rostam - s@inaming.co
  • Eligibility Requirements: No
  • IDN Supported:
    • French
    • Italian
    • German
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish
    • Chinese
  • Domain Character length: 2 – 63
  • Registration Term: 1 – 10 Years

Pricing (USD):

  • Registration Fee $22
  • Transfer Fee: $22
  • Renewal Fee: $22
  • Restore Fee: $30








  1. Question: Do you need anything from us to migrate the domains?


Answer: If you have multiple CentralNic accounts, and would prefer that your .HELP domains be placed in a specific account, please let us know.


  1. Question: How will we be billed (invoice, account balance, per transaction, etc.)?

Answer: Existing CentralNic registrars will be billed in the same way as for all other TLDs on our platform. For .HELP registrars who are not already CentralNic registrars, your account will be set to prepayment initially, but post-payment is available for registrars who can maintain a good credit history


  1. Question: What currency will we be billed in?

Answer: .HELP will be billed in USD. However, we also accept GBP


  1. Question: During the migration period if a domain requires renewal how will that be handled please?

Answer: The zone will be frozen and hence it would be a good practice to renew domains prior to the migration if it's going to expire soon.


  1. Question: Does .HELP support IDN?


Answer: Yes! French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese


  1. Question: Does .HELP have premium domains?

Answer: Yes! Premium domains renew at the initial registration fee. E.g. if the domains cost $1000 to register, it will also be $1000 to renew/transfer.


  1. Question: Will there be any changes to the business rules of .HELP?

Answer: NO!

  1. Question: Will the domain auth code be changed during migration?

Answer: NO!


  1. Question: Will the contact ROID be changed upon migration?

Answer: NO!

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