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Migration Questions and Answers


1. Question: Do you need anything from us to migrate the domains? For example our current user at the dotGL registry.

Answer: If you have multiple CentralNic accounts, and would prefer that your .GL domains be placed in a specific account, please let us know. Otherwise, if you have multiple CentralNic accounts, and would prefer that your .GL domains be placed in a spec.

2. Question: Will the migration include all the extensions below?

  • gl

Answer: Yes

3. Question: Are there any additional extensions that are not included in the above list?

Answer: Yes, these are listed below:


4. Question: For manual processing, please can you confirm the user name and regID of the portal the domains will be placed in?

Answer: Should you already be an existing registrar that is configured/set-up with CentralNic, then you will have the same account for dotGL as well. In the event that you are not set-up with CentralNic, we would advise you to do so at your earliest convenience, in order to avoid being placed under a registry account as this could get a little complicated post migration. Please follow this link in order to sign up: Online Registrar Application Form

5. Question: We have a few CentralNIC registrar accounts. Under what account will the dotGL domains be put into?

Answer: dotGL domain are planned to be placed under your standard account.


6. Question: How will we be billed (invoice, account balance, per transaction, etc.)?

Answer: Existing CentralNic registrars will be billed in the same way as for all other TLDs on our platform. For .GL registrars who are not already CentralNic registrars, your account will be set to prepayment initially, but post-payment is available for registrars who can maintain a good credit history


7. Question: What currency will we be billed in?

Answer: dotGL domains will be billed in Euros (€), however we also accept payment in GBP and USD.


8. Question: Will the account balance we currently have on our dotGL account be transitioned to the CentralNic account?

Answer: No, you will receive a refund from dotGL if you have a balance. Anything done on the CentralNic system will be taken from existing/newly created balances.


9. Question: Will there be any change to the cost of domains?

Answer: The cost of domains will remain the same as it currently is. However, it will be converted to Euro’s (€). The price will be 27 euros from the day of migration onwards.


10. Question: Will the domain rules remain the same for all order types?

Answer: Yes


11. Question: How will transfer of management be performed? Currently we have rules set up for transfer that state domains can be transferred via Auth Code OR the current registrar confirming the transfer. Will the two transfer processes still be possible after migration?

Answer: After the migration, a transfer code will be required for all transfers. The process for transfers will be the same as for all other TLDs on CentralNic’s platform.


12. Question: Currently we are using the CoCCA integration for WHMCS (web hosting management and billing software)which works flawlessly. What is the alternative when you are taking over the management of the dotGL zone?

Answer: CentralNic implements a standard EPP interface for all TLDs. Any WHMCS plugin that understands EPP and can be configured to use a custom server and credentials should work. A number of third-party generic EPP modules exist for WHMCS, including:

Registrars may also wish to consider using management services such as RRPProxy or Hexonet 1API: see for more information.


13. Question: Is there a scheduled time on Wednesday 12th October when the migration will be taking place and no domain transactions will be processed?

Answer: It has been agreed that the platform will close on the 11th of October at Mid-Night (23:59 UTC) and run through to 12th October up until 19:00 UTC. Communication will be sent out soon confirming these timings. We will also send out notices on the day of migration at the start and end of the migration.


14. Question: We are accredited for .GL at NIC.GL. Does this mean that as of October 12th we can manage our domain names via the same login as we did before at NIC.GL? Or how can we access our and those of our clients under .GL as of 12th of October?

Answer: After the migration, your .gl domain names can no longer be managed via, and will be managed via the CentralNic system instead. You must on-board as a CentralNic registrar before the migration so we can allocate your domains to your account.


15. Question: Regarding WHMCS: We are currently partnering with Hexonet as well, for other domain names. But what about the pricing issue, they’ve got their mark-up to think about as well? And we wouldn't be listed as the ‘registrar’ on the Whois lookups? Do you have any experience working with a Generic EPP module, regarding any limitations we would meet?

Answer: See the response above on point 14


16. Question: During the migration period if a domain requires renewal how will that be handled please?

Answer: The zone will be frozen and hence it would be a good practice to renew domains prior to the migration if it's going to expire soon.


17. Question: Is it possible to provide a list of domains with contact information and DNS in the Corporation Service Company account before and after migration?
Answer: The list of domains can be shared based on the export we have received from the previous operator. Post Migration; the list of domains will be available for viewing in your account.

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