Changes to .coop verification process

The dotCoop verification process has changed. These changes described below will require that the dotCoop RRA must be resigned.


Previous verification process

When a domain name is registered, if the registrant has not previously been verified (which is a state on the registrant object), the domain name will be listed in the zone file until the registrant is marked as verified using the CentralNic interface.

When certain changes are made to the registrant object, change to the organisation name for instance, it can change the state of the object to indicate that the registrant requires re-verification. In these cases, the domains associated to the registrant will still be in the zone file.

When either a new registrant is added or a suitable change is detected, an email is sent to one of 2 email addresses. These emails then start off a workflow in FogBugz that will cause the dotCoop registry staff to determine if the registrant is valid or not.

If they determine that the registrant is valid, they go in to the CentralNic website and mark the registrant as valid. If there are any new domain names for that registrant on hold, then these will be released and will be listed in the zone file. The registrant object updated so if they register any new domain names then these will automatically be allowed in the zone file.

If they determine that the registrant is invalid then from the CentralNic website they flag this and all of the domains associated with the registrant will be deleted.


New verification process

Since the dotCoop EPP Extensions are being removed, the above system will not work and the Verification section on the console will no longer be needed.

When a new domain name is registered, it will immediately (or as immediate as normal domain registrations are) be shown in the zone file.

Detection of new registrations / change in registrant details will be accomplished by examination of the escrow file. The Escrow file is only generated once daily, and will result in the bulk update of new cases to be investigated in the new DeskPro system. The Escrow file will be retrieved using FTPS.

Since the domain is immediately listed in the zone file and no longer set to a registrant pending verification state, new actions will be taken in regards to regulating registrant validity. In the instance that a registrant is determined to be invalid, the registry staff will utilise the Registry Console and place a server hold on the domain. Subsequently, and should the domain require deleting, this will either be done via the registry console OR via a separate request to CentralNic to delete the domain.



  • Privacy Shield services should not be used for dotCOOP registrations.
  • There is the ability to place the domain on Server Hold on the registry console.
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