.MUSIC Launch Information

Onboarding Details:

  • RRA 
  • Billing
    • pricing is fixed and presented in USD 
  • Registry system
    • .MUSIC will be added to your standard CentralNic account and transactions will be reflected on your standard invoice 
  • Premium list
    • Yes - please note that these will not be available via fixed price in the EPP and are currently reserved. Please contact the registry (Kelly Hardy <kelly@my.music>) to negotiate the release of these domains directly.

ot&E Details:

The following suffixes/extensions have been created specifically for ot&E testing purposes.

  • SUNRISE.MUSIC - for sunrise testing
  • MUSIC - for general availability testing

Registrar Support:

Please contact the dotMUSIC team directly for questions or concerns around the verification process.

First support request should be addressed to registrarsupport@registry.music. This will allow the dotMUSIC support team to respond quickly or escalate to the right person as needed.


TLD configuration:

  • Sponsoring Organisation: DotMusic Limited
  • Registry website: https://www.registry.music/
  • Registry marketing collateral: https://nic.music/press-kit/ 
  • Registrar contact: Kelly Hardy <kelly@my.music>
  • Eligibility requirements: .MUSIC is the global music industry standard for official music websites. The .MUSIC domain and identity is exclusive to all members of the global music community, including musicians, creators, bands, groups, industry professionals, companies, associations and organisations. The .MUSIC domain is secure by default and provides a verified checkmark badge that instills trust and authenticity.
  • Domain length: 2 - 63 
  • Minimum/maximum term: 1 - 10
  • Domain lifecycle: standard domain lifecycle
  • IDNs supported: there are no IDN language tables currently supported
  • Premium names: Yes (please note that these are currently RESERVED and a premium list is not available. To negotiate the sale of these domains contact the registry)

Launch Phases 




Allocation Process

Sunrise Phase

September 11th, 2023 16:00 UTC

November 15th, 2023 16:00 UTC

Start Date Allocation

Music Community Organisation Phase


October 16th 16:00 UTC 

May 24th, 2024 16:00 UTC

(NOT operating via the CentralNic system. This EOI platform is operated by dotMUSIC independently)

General Availability:

June 25th, 2024 16:00 UTC



Note: Trademark Claims period will run from June 25th, 2024 16:00 UTC, until December 26th, 16:00 UTC, 2024

Please monitor TIMELINE | Registry for any changes to the launch schedule.


Launch Pricing

Phase Application Fee Registration Fee

Sunrise Phase

$0.00 $550.00
Music Community Organisation Phase $0.00 Not configured in CentralNic system. 
General Availability N/A $37.00


Additional Pricing Details

Transaction Fee
Renewal $37.00
Transfer $37.00
Restore $50.00




Who is eligible to register a .MUSIC domain?


Registrants must have a nexus with the global music community as either a musician, band, or music industry professional. For more details please see: https://www.registry.music/faq and https://www.registry.music/policies/registrant-eligibility-policy



Registrant Identity Verification. After a .MUSIC domain name is registered at a Registrar, registrants must complete an identity verification through the Registry Operator’s Identity Verification Solution Provider (IVSP) at the URL - https://id.music.


Registry Server Hold Status Until Verification Completes. .MUSIC domain names will be placed under a Registry Server Hold until identity verification is completed. Subsequent .MUSIC domain name registration by the same registrant can utilize their existing verified identification credentials at the IVSP.


What are the requirements of the Sunrise phase?

  • Sunrise Period: September 11, 2023 16:00 UTC through November 15, 2023
  • Eligibility: trademark holders and their agents registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse

    with a valid Signed Mark Data (SMD) file.

  • Sunrise registrations are server-locked (DNS does not resolve) initially. For most Sunrise registrants your Corporate Registrar will be able to complete a bulk verification with the Registry Operator on behalf of their customers. If not, individual registrants will need to successfully complete their Music ID verification at https://id.MUSIC to unlock their domain name.

  • Pricing model: Sunrise pricing followed by standard renewal prices.


    To learn more about the Music ID and Passport and the new offering visit:



Additionally, please see: https://www.registry.music/policies/sunrise-dispute-resolution-policy


What are the requirements of the Music Community Phase?

Music Community Phase Submission.

This phase is an 'Expression of Interest' process directly with the dotMUSIC platform and registrars do not submit these via the CentralNic Registry system (this phase is not configured to b interacted with via EPP). More details on the submission platform will be forthcoming. 

Please note that the .MUSIC domain name is validated based on the a Registrant:

  1.  Is a member of Music Community Member Organization (MCMO).
  2. Submits an community registration request during the Community Phase
  3. Responds to requests for supporting music documentation (Music Score Determinants according to the Registrant Eligibility Policy) to Registry Operator’s Identification Verification Service Provider (IVSP) to process and analyze the registrant’s music industry credentials and is able to demonstrate a substantial nexus attached to the applied for string (Music Score)
  4. No other member of a MCMO applies for the same string
  5. Registrant and domain name comply with Registry Operator’s Registrant Eligibility.

For more information please see: https://www.registry.music/policies

and https://www.registry.music/faq


For more information please see - https://www.registry.music/faq


How can I sign the RRA?

Registrars can e-sign the RRA the standard way through the CentralNic Registrar console. From the main dashboard please click through to ‘New TLD RRAs Now Online’ to view the available TLD to onboard for.


Are there any special requirements for registrars?


Yes. Per the Registrar Requirements Policy - Registrars must provide notification to alert prospective registrants to the requirement of the Registrant Identity Verification process. For more information please see: https://www.registry.music/policies/registrar-requirements-policy


How much will a .MUSIC domain cost?

.MUSIC domain names will have a base cost of $37.00 per year. 


Does this require special EPP extensions?

Registrars are required to utilise the Launch Extension to manage the release of new domains during Sunrise and Landrush, and the Trademark Claims period for gTLDs. More detailed information can be found in the Operations Manual in the registrar console or here.


Please note that the Registrant Identity Verification process (https://id.music) will take place OUTSIDE of the CentralNic Registry system. Registrations will be processed normally and placed on server hold until they are verified/approved by the Registry Operator. 


Are proxy and privacy services permitted for .MUSIC domains?



Will a registry lock be available and if so, what would the process be and how much will it cost?

.MUSIC does not currently support registry lock.


Will IDNs be available and if so, for which languages?

.MUSIC does not currently support any IDN language tables.


When is .MUSIC available in the ot&E for testing?

.MUSIC will be available in our ot&E for testing at least one month prior to the launch of the sunrise phase.

The following suffixes/extensions have been created to mimic the various phases and allows the user the freedom to test the various phases of the launch:

  • SUNRISE.MUSIC - for sunrise testing
  • MUSIC - for general availability testing


Will .MUSIC show up in my standard CentralNic registrar account?

Yes, .MUSIC will operate through your standard CentralNic registrar account and billing items will appear on your consolidated monthly invoice.


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