.BOX Launch Overview

Please note this is an unconventional TLD implementation approach for a registry and there are strict technical eligibility requirements in order for a registrar to onboard.


Onboarding Details:

  • RRA 

    • the RRA will be available for DocuSign directly via the Registry only. Please note technical eligibility requirements listed below.

  • Billing

    • Pricing is fixed and presented in USD. Billing and collections handled OUTSIDE of CNIC system.

  • Registry system

    • .Box will require a no-bill registrar account.

TLD configuration:

  • Sponsoring Organisation: Intercap Registry Inc.

  • Registry website: https://www.my.box

  • Registrar contact: hello@my.box

  • Eligibility requirements: Strict technical integration requirements in order to onboard.

    • Please request 'Registry Technical Requirements' from Intercap  

  • Domain length: 1 - 63 

  • Minimum/maximum term: 1 - 10

  • Domain lifecycle:standard domain lifecycle

  • IDNs supported: Chinese (simplified and traditional)

  • Registry lock: No


Launch Phases 




Allocation Process

Sunrise Phase

August 9th 16:00 UTC

September 12th 16:00 UTC

Start Date allocation for 30 days

General Availability:

September 13th 16:00 UTC



Note: Trademark Claims period will run 90 days from 13 September 2023 16:00 UTC until 17 January 2024 16:00 UTC


Launch Pricing

Billing and collections will be handled OUTSIDE of the CentralNic system and accredited registrars will need a NO-BILL account if accredited and selling .BOX.


Registrar Requirements:

The registry provides unique security standards for registrants using proprietary blockchain technology.

Registrars must meet the requirements in the Registry Technical Requirements and as specified in the Registry-Registrar Agreement.

Below are the steps required to become a .BOX Registrar.  

  1. Review the Registry Technical Requirements to becoming a .BOX Registrar. 

  2. Submit evidence of your ability to fulfil the technical requirements. We will then consider your eligibility. 

  3. Eligible Registrars will receive the RRA, Pricing Policy and Rate Card. 

  4. You may be required to pay a Development and Integration Support fee or deposit depending on the anticipated technical support you will require from the Registry. 

  5. Upon execution of the RRA, we will commence onboarding and integration. 



Who is eligible to register a .BOX domain?

There are no eligibility requirements. .box is an open and unrestricted TLD. HOWEVER, there are strict technical requirements around the provisioning and payment process for registrars. The registry provides unique security standards for registrants using proprietary blockchain technology.


What are the requirements of the Sunrise phase?

The standard ICANN requirements for the Sunrise phase will apply. Only trademark holders and their agents are eligible for the Sunrise period. In order to join the Sunrise period, they must be registered with the Trademark Clearinghouse and provide a Signed Mark Data (SMD) file to the registrar. Registrars are still required to support the unique security standards for registrants using proprietary blockchain technology.


How can I sign the RRA?

Registrars need to reach out to the registry operator to obtain a copy of the RRA to review and execute via DocuSign.


What is the wholesale cost of a .BOX domain?

Please speak with the Registry.


Does this require special EPP extensions?

Registrars are required to utilise the Launch Extension to manage the release of new domains during Sunrise and Landrush, and the Trademark Claims period for gTLDs. More detailed information can be found in the Operations Manual in the registrar console or here. 


Will a registry lock be available and if so, what would the process be and how much will it cost?

Registry lock is currently not available.


Will IDNs be available and if so, for which languages?

.BOX currently supports the Chinese (simplified and traditional) IDN language tables. 


When is .BOX available in the ot&E for testing?

.BOX is currently available in OT&E.


Will .BOX show up in my standard CentralNic registrar account?

Yes, .BOX will operate through your standard CentralNic registrar account. Billing will be handled outside of the CentralNic system and this will not appear on the standard invoice.

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