How to schedule a bulk transfer

Sometimes a large batch of domains needs to move from one registrar account to another.

We refer to this as a bulk internal transfer and this operation is scheduled and executed by the CentralNic customer success team. 

What do we need to schedule this?

  • A definitive list of domains.
  • Registrar handle of the losing registrar
  • Registrar handle of the gaining registrar
  • Target date and time for the transfer (please allow ample lead time)

What is the procedure to schedule this?

  1. Open a ticket with the Customer success team including the required information
  2. CentralNic will request written confirmation from both the losing and gaining registrar in order to comply with ICANN's confirmed transfer policy
  3. Once both registrars agree to the transfer, list of domains, and date and time, we will schedule the transfer
  4. The transfer will be executed at the agreed date and time
  5. Confirmation will be sent to the Registry Operator and the involved registrars.

How will this affect billing?

  • Open billing items with the losing registrar will stay with the losing registrar
  • New billing items will belong to the gaining registrar
  • No renewal will be forced on transfer

What will happen to the contacts?

As part of the transfer, we will clone the contact details on the to-be-transferred domains so that the gaining registrar has ownership and control over the contact details on the domains.


Frequently Asked Questions about Bulk Transfers

1.) What is the minimum amount of domains required for bulk transfers?
=> 50
2.) Is there a special handling for premium domains?
=> no
3.) Do the registrants need to be informed prior bulk transfer according to the registry policy?
=> no
4.) Will domain period stay the same after successful bulk transfer?
=> by default nothing changes, we can include renewal years if requested
5.) Will domains have any locks set (transfer, update lock, etc...) after a successful bulk transfer for a specific period?
=> no
6.) Can domains currently in redemption or with registry locks be included in the bulk transfer?
=> domains will need to be unlocked. If there is a domain object it can be transferred
7.) Will the domain contacts (+extensions) information also be transferred or cloned with the domains?
=> cloned so it falls under the sponsorship of the gaining registrar
8.) Will the registrars (losing and gaining) receive event messages/ transfer notifications for the corresponding domains?
=> no this is done out of band through a ticket (see article)
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