.LONDON migration information

Scheduled migration date: August 31st 2021

On migration day: 

  • 11:00 UTC : Nominet will suspend access to .LONDON
  • 19:00 UTC : Registry operation resumes

During the switchover, a conference line will be available so that, in the unlikely event that you experience any issues, they can be resolved without delay.

The sli.do meeting will open at 15:00 UTC and is kept open until the end of the migration which will also be notified using mail.  In order to exchange questions and follow up on the status of the migration please go to: https://app.sli.do/event/oneqqpx7



As a registrar that has already connected to CentralNic’s registry platform, testing and implementation should be straightforward.

  1. Simply log in to the CentralNic Registrar console at https://registrar-console.centralnic.com 
  2. Select the menu item “Test accounts” accounts on the left-hand menu
  3. From the test accounts page, you can create a new OTE user account if desired or use an existing account to access the OTE testing environment 

 Note: All relevant information can be found in the Operations Manual by clicking on documentation on the left-hand menu. 

If you need to sign up to Centralnic, please visit: https://registrar-console.centralnic.com/pub/register

If you are having difficulty connecting to the OTE environment, please email: support@centralnic.com



You do not need to re-sign the .LONDON RRA and this will be uploaded into your registrar portal. Upon migration, the terms of the MSA will cover CentralNic managed aspects of supporting the TLD. 


Account balances


  • Dot London Domains Limited currently holds a small number of deposit balances for various registrars. Account balances will not be migrated across. Once the transition is complete, deposit balances will either need to be returned to the registrar or transferred into the registrar’s shared wallet account with CentralNic.
  • To facilitate this, we request that you email dot-london@londonandpartners.com confirming whether you would like us to transfer any deposit balances back to you or apply to your CentralNic shared wallet account.   You will receive email confirmation once deposit transfers have been transacted with a confirmation of the balance remitted.
  • For any queries, please contact dot-london@londonandpartners.com

Open balances owed to Dot London Domains Limited

  • All outstanding balances due from Registrars to Dot London Domains Limited should continue to be paid to Dot London Domains Limited as account balances will not be migrated across. 
  • Open balances should be paid within the normal 30 day terms. In any circumstances where the Registrar fails to settle any outstanding balances owed, the Registry may, at its sole discretion:
  1. Stop accepting new initial or renewal registrations from the Registrar; suspend the domain names associated with invoices not paid in full from the Registry database, and delete such domain names if such the invoice remains unpaid after thirty (30) additional days;
  2. give written notice of termination of the RRA pursuant to the terms set out within the RRA; and/or
  3. pursue any other applicable remedy under the RRA.



Transactions that have passed AGP/RGP (grace period) at time of migration, will be billed by Dot London domains ltd. 

Transactions that are still in AGP/RGP (grace period) at time of migration will be billed by CentralNic once the grace period is over.

This includes creates, renewals, auto-renewals or any other transaction that includes a grace period.

As during previous migration what will be changed:

  • auth codes
  • Perpetual TMCH claims will be stopped


Premium Domains

There will be no changes to the premium domain list and associated pricing tiers. Prices will remain in GBP and can be purchased both by EPP and through the registrar portal.

More information regarding premium name EPP commands can be found here and existing premium list can be found in the documentation section of the registrar console.


Reserved Domains

There will be no changes to the reserved domain list. You can review the registry policies regarding reserved/blocked domains in the documentation section of the registrar console.


IDN Support

.LONDON currently supports the following IDN languages and they will continue to be supported upon migration: French, German, Italian, Spanish.


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